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Re-Inking iStamps


Your stamps are an investment. When you choose the brand and stamp type that is right for your stamping expectations, you expect a long-lasting product you can use for years and years. With this in mind, more and more stamp models are re-inkable for an added value. However, improper re-inking can cause damage to your stamp and render it unusable, as well as being ineffective and a mess. Why go through that hassle with our brand specific re-inking guides? If you are looking for an iStamp pre-inked stamp re-inking guide, we have your needs covered right here!

With our iStamp pre-inked stamp re-inking guide, you get the inside scoop you need to get back to using your favorite stamping accessory. Known for their commitment to quality manufacturing and long-lasting performance, iStamp is a durable stamp that requires proper re-inking to ensure a long life of high-performing operation and crisp impression. With our iStamp pre-inked stamp re-inking guide, you will find step by step instructions coupled with graphics to show you exactly where on your stamp to perform the step. For an even more in-depth look at re-inking this stamp type, we offer detailed videos to allow you to follow along and pause as needed to learn how to re-ink your valuable tool. When you need the inside scoop on re-inking your stamps without the possibility of damage or a hassle, we have you covered with these helpful re-inking guides and instructional videos!

At Rubber Stamp Champ, we are pleased to provide you with high-quality stamps and related care instructions. If you have any questions regarding our inventory, services, or stamps, we would be happy to assist you in any way.