Specialty Quick Dry Ink Kits

All Purpose, Fabric, or Photo kits include a 2 oz. bottle of quick dry ink, a dry ink pad, and a 2 oz. bottle of reconditioner. The reconditioner is a solvent used to clean the stamp pad or rejuvenate the ink on the stamp pad if it becomes dried out. For use with a traditional hand stamp. NEW! Invisible Ink Stamp Kit!

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APINK - All Purpose Permanent Marking Kit
Permanent, acid free, water/fade resistant and fast drying on almost any surface. Use this kit with a traditional rubber stamp.

FABINKKIT - Fabric Permanent Marking Kit
This professional fabric marking ink provides permanent, acid free fast drying impressions on most fabrics. Water and fade resistant. For best results, wait 24 hours before washing.

PHOINKKIT - Photo Permanent Marking Kit
Quick drying, acid free, and smudge proof permanent ink for photographs. This ink is archival quality and will print a crisp, clean impression every time. Use this kit with a traditional rubber stamp.