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Laser Rubber Upgrade
Laser Upgrade for Self-Inkers
Upgrading to Laser Rubber
Stamps with Custom Artwork/Logos and Signatures
For custom artwork, logos and signatures, we highly recommend upgrading to laser rubber. Our State-of-the-art laser produces a finer-detailed image and is lifetime guaranteed.
Our traditional hand stamps are made with photopolymer which works great with your standard, traditional water-based stamp pads. If this stamp will be getting heavy use and you will be using it with Artline® Hi-Seal Ink or other solvent-based industrial inks, we recommend upgrading your stamp to laser-cut industrial rubber. This rubber is extremely durable to withstand strong inks and lifetime guaranteed.
Stamps with Custom Artwork
If you are uploading a custom logo or artwork, and your design has a lot of detail, we highly recommend upgrading to laser rubber. Our state-of-the-art laser produces a finer-detailed image.