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Design A Stamp Help
Adding Text To Your Stamp
To add your custom text, enter it in the fields under the Line Options tab. Select your font and font sizes for each line of text. If you want all the lines of text to have the same font, font size and justification; you may use the Simple View tab. Your text and font styling choices will automatically preview in the stamp preview area. If you see a symbol, please revise your stamp by selecting a smaller font size to fit the available customizable area or select a larger stamp.
Some Helpful Tips
  • If you want to add a checkbox, copyright, registration mark or trademark symbol to a line of text, you can copy them from below and paste them into the line of text you want it on.
    ? © ® ™ ½ ¼ ¾ •
  • To add a blank line (underline) to your stamp layout, hold your Shift key plus the Underline key on your keyboard at the same time to make a solid blank line on your stamp. You can make this any length you wish as long as it fits in the stamp preview area.
    • We recommend fonts be at least 8 points.
    • We recommend NO BOLD on fonts under 10 points.
Adding A Custom Logo Or Image To Your Stamp
For art options, click the Artwork Tab

Add a jpg file - Upload a black and white jpg @ 600 dpi or higher. Must be black and white with no color or grayscale.

Add clipart - Click the browse button to add one of our stock clipart images. You can add optional text and preview online.

Add a pdf or eps file - This section is for files that are sized correctly and ready to go with no additional editing. You will not be able to add text or preview online. Art must be black and white with no color or grayscale. Vector art is preferred as a .eps file (.ai files are not accepted).
If you have a pdf or .eps file and would like to add custom text, here’s how:
  • Customize stamp with text you desire first. Do not attach the file online.
  • Type "WILL EMAIL ARTWORK" in special instructions and any other things we need to know.
  • If you require a proof, click Add Proof in the shopping cart for an additional $7.50.
  • Email art file with your order number in the subject after you complete your order.
Acceptable Signature Examples
< >
Non-Acceptable Signature Examples
< >
Signature Stamp Tips
  • Make sure to sign your name in black ink with a sold pen.
  • Please do not sign with a felt tip marker.
  • Any breaks in the signature will show as breaks in your signature stamp.
  • Do not make any stray marks as they will all be included as part of the signature stamp.
  • Sign on Plain, unlined paper.
  • If there is any type of line under the signature we will have to contact you and it may delay your order.
Some Helpful Tips
  • We do not recommend reversed artwork (white text on a black background) unless the white text is bold.
  • Jpg images should be 600 to 1200 dpi in black and white (NO color, shading or grayscale).
  • File types accepted include jpg, pdf and .eps.
Add Special Instructions & Add To Cart
If you have any special instructions for your stamp, please enter it in the Special Instructions field under the Product Features area then Add to Cart button.
How To Order A Stamp With Your Custom Logo
Once you have found the stamp you want to customize and you are on the customization page, (see screenshot below) here's how to order online with your custom logo/artwork:
Upload your jpg or gif file by clicking the "browse" button and then select ink color.... then click Update & Preview. Artwork must be black & white, and 300 dpi or higher. No grayscale or photographs. If you are having problems uploading, please follow instructions to the right.
PDF, EPS, AL, Word or Excel Files:
YOU WILL BE ORDERING THE STAMP BLANK.. then send us your file later. To order the stamp blank, select ink color (if applicable) and click Update & Preview...then Add to Cart. Once you get to checkout, tell us in special instructions, “will email art separately”. If you need to tell us any other details, please indicate in special instructions. Once you receive your email order confirmation, reply with your file attached.
  • Email us at sales@rubberstampchamp.com and we can take your order by phone. Please include your full contract information so we can call you back.
  • Fax us at: 888.507.7826 - Click here to print our fax order form (Adobe reader© required).
  • Call us toll free at 800.469.7826 Monday - Friday 7:00am-3:00pm PST.
  • Click on our live chat to speak to a knowledgeable stamp maker.