Re-Inking Xstamper Stamps

Every day millions of people around the world turn to Xstamper brand rubber stamps to assist them in
their personal and business lives. They know they'll be getting a sharp, clear impression. They know
they are enjoying the results of a long tradition of innovation. They know that each and every Xstamper
is a product of superior technology and quality materials. And, most comforting of all, they know that the
Xstamper they hold in their hand comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!

With its retractable frame, your Xstamper is always clean and eliminates the need for messy
stamp pads. And it's sturdy, allowing up to 50,000 impressions without re-inking. Of course, when
you must add ink, all it takes is a few drops into our handy, built-in reservoir and you're good to go for
the next 50,000. In fact, your Xstamper is so durable you'll never have to buy another stamp, which
means it's a big money-saver, too.

Available ink colors: