What does it mean to order a pdf copy of my artwork?

This means that you would like to own and use the stamp design for future
projects or applications such as labels, letterhead, business cards,
note cards, invitations, etc.  We offer this service because we
have lots of customers that would like to turn their stamp design
into a digital file and be able to use it again and again.

What will I receive?

You will receive camera-ready artwork of your stamp design in two different file formats:

1 - pdf file (camera-ready artwork for professional printing)
1 - jpg file (600 dpi - for general office use)

When will I receive the files?

We usually email these files within 48-72 hours after you place your order (excluding weekends).

What do I do with the files once I receive them?

You will receive an email from our graphics department with the two files attached.
The file name will be your order number.
You can download them to your computer and save them for future use.

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