Marker Feature Descriptions

Artline® Markers - Description of Features

Dye Stuff Ink
For everyday marking and writing, products with Dye Stuff Ink provide affordable, quality performance on most surfaces.
Unlike Pigment Ink which is like paint, Dye Stuff Ink is only suitable when there is a contrast between the color of
marker/pen you're using and the color of the surface you are writing on. Artline® Permanent Markers use dye stuff ink
and can write on metal. For best results when using Dye Stuff Ink, ensure there is a contrast between the color you're
writing with and the color of the writing surface.

Permanent markers are designed to be inerasable. Use a permanent marker on any surface where you need the print to last,
such as when labelling archive boxes, addressing parcels and for general use in the home, school and office.

Xylene Free
Any Artline® product labelled "Xylene Free" uses an alcohol-based solvent instead of the traditional Xylene base.
Xylene Free pens are of exactly the same quality as the traditional products, with the only noticeable difference being
the absence of the strong, sweet odor many people associate with markers.

Valve Action
Some Artline® markers are supplied with dry nibs to ensure good performance when you purchase the product. To get any product
with a valve action to work, simply shake the marker (with the cap on) and press the nib down on a piece of paper 2-3 times.
If you do not start to see the ink moving from the marker's barrel to the top of the nib within 15 seconds, repeat the same action again.

Water Based Ink
When writing on everyday porous materials like paper and cardboard, you don't need sophisticated inks to get the best results.
For that reason you will find many Artline writing instruments use Water Based Ink.

Dry Safe Ink
With Artline Dry Safe Ink, you will never ruin a marker if you forget to put the lid back on. When left exposed to the air,
a soft membrane covers the nib to stop the marker from drying out. Writing with the marker breaks the soft membrane,
exposing the nib in perfect condition. Any marker with Dry Safe Ink can be left exposed in normal office conditions
(20°C 65% humidity) for up to two weeks without loss of performance (48 hours for Whiteboard Markers).