Widmer E-3 Electronic Embosser

Widmer's E-3 Heavy Duty electronic embosser helps you validate and secure original documents instantaneously and accurately. This embosser is perfect for single sheet certificates, diplomas, and legal documents. Perfect for state and corporate seals. Price includes text only.

Single hand operation, no buttons to push. The trigger mechanism can be set to at the same consistent depth and a guide shelf is available to allow for correct positioning every time. Stamping pressure can be easily electronically adjusted so the dies do not cut through the document.

The seals can have simple engraving, text only at the base price or complex designs on quote. Seals can print on the edge of the document, using extension trigger option, or up to a maximum of 3· in depth. There is no standard trigger depth as it would vary with the diameter of the seal. 

To Operate:
Simply plug into an ordinary AC lighting circuit and insert paper into throat to emboss your paper.

Height 7 1/4"
Width 4 3/4"
Depth 10"
Weight 17lbs
Two-tone light & dark Gray finish
115 V 60 HZ
Optional 220 V 50 HZ

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