Reiner Electronic JetStamp 790 Complete Time Date Stamp Kit

JetStamp 790 is the solution when you need to print 2 lines of individual text, consecutive numbers, dates and times, and still remain mobile! Prints on flat, rigid, soft and irregular/uneven surfaces whether you are left or right-handed.  

Simply "Press" the Red Button to activate printing. Prints 2 lines up to 20 characters per line (1/8" character height). Print on any absorbent surface, with or without contact. Prints on flat, rigid, soft and irregular/uneven surfaces with the non-contact ink jet cartridge. Standard black ink jet printing cartridge. The JetStamp has a built-in clock, calendar and counter, and 25 memorized print options to choose from. Automatically advances the Year, Month, Date, Time and numbers internally. Easy-to-use PC Software. LEFT-HAND or RIGHT-HAND USERS...configure text to be printed in the "correct" direction.

Can be used in many applications such as checking and validating in surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, marking dockets and packages in transit, quality control validation, laboratory timing and checking, production controls, delicate product marking, meetings, entry validation, etc. Up to 10,000 imprints per cartridge. Prints up to 600 imprints without recharging of battery - approx. 3 hours to fully charge, 30 minutes until first print capability. Shipping weight: 4 pounds; JetStamp 2 lbs., charging dock 2 lbs.

Kit includes: (1) JetStamp 790 Mobile Time Stamp, (1) Charging Docking Station, (1) PC Print Setup Software, (1) Black Ink Jet Cartridge, (1) USB Cable. 
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