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Cosco stamps have been industry leaders for over one hundred years, and they're just getting started. See why our customers never go back after trying this brand!


When choosing a stamp to meet all your needs, it’s hard to beat the quality of Cosco stamps, especially since Cosco’s been making stamps for over 100 years! Founded in 1893, the company has become one of the world’s leading stamp manufacturers and innovators. They have a long-standing reputation for exceptional quality and new, exciting designs, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of stamp users. Cosco stamp supplies continue to lead the stamp-making industry with impressive products, including digital stamps, stamps for hobbyists, daters and more. The COLOP e-mark Full-Color Imprint Machine is a state-of-the-art electronic marking device that works in partnership with the COLOP e-mark app. Create or upload different imprint images via a mobile device, tablet or PC or use the app to create imprints, including text, images, dates, times or numbers. The e-mark can print at any angle on most porous surfaces! It’s one of our most impressive Cosco stamps. For hobbyists and at-home stamp enthusiasts, we have Cosco stamp supplies like the Bold Vintage Box Monogram. This single initial monogram stamp has a beautiful, vintage, Gothic design with a thick, bold font that can be personalized with any letter of the English alphabet. Available on a pre-inked, self-inking, or wood hand stamp, use the Bold Vintage Box Monogram to create a gift tag stamp, wedding invitation stamp, or general business stamp. Simply choose your stamp base, ink color (if applicable), and enter your custom text below to personalize your product. Our top-selling custom date stamp from Cosco has a metal core, making it suitable for heavy usage. Date bands include 6 years, A.M., P.M., PAID, ENT’D and ANS’D, but the dater also allows for one line of custom text above and/or below the date. The ink will last for several thousand impressions and can easily be replaced with water-based ink. The Cosco Custom Date Stamps are not recommended for glossy surfaces since the ink may smear. Personalization for this product is easy! Just click the “customize” button.

Once you try Cosco stamps, you may have a hard time going back! Have any questions or concerns? Reach out by phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.