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The Widmer Electronic Time and Date machines and embossers are the ultimate in energy, time and money saving machines. Invest in the best by shopping with us.


Stamps are an amazingly versatile tool that serves multiple purposes, making certain aspects of daily work faster and far more productive. Ranging from inspection stamps to address labels, embossing and so much more, stamps are a fantastic way to save time without losing essential information. As a company with roots dating back to 1933, Widmer stamps were some of the first on the market, and to this day, are still regarded as one of the top-tier in terms of exceptional quality. Widmer specializes in time recorders, electronic date stamps and premium electronic embossers. Suppose you are tired of embossing machines or your electronic time and date stamps failing, looking imperfect and less than professional. In that case, we’re happy to present to your our Widmer stamp supplies collection. The Widmer time stamp showcases what a premium stamp can offer with clean, crisp imprints that offer a large selection of highly desirable features in distinctive, two-tone, light and dark grey finish. When it comes to Widmer products, careful thought behind the design means instant trigger operation. Simply insert the paper into your Widmer stamp accurately, and the machine will precisely stamp your document every time, following the correct positioning and depth you’ve set. Pressure can easily be adjusted electronically so that the dies never cut through your documents. We offer Widmer stamp supplies in standard models, LED models and embossing to help meet your needs. Lightweight and incredibly durable, these heavy-duty products will be a long-lasting, welcome addition to your workplace. Need more out of these premium machines? Rubber Stamp Champ can customize these electronic date stamps to feature your choice of text ranging from 1 line to 3, depending on what you need. Best of all? These premium machines come with a one-year warranty direct from the manufacturer to ensure the ultimate in performance and absolute satisfaction. Already own a Widmer? Check out our excellent Widmer stamp supplies to keep the convenience of your favorite machine going. When you shop with us, shop in the confidence of knowing that with over 30 years of experience and expertise, we only provide the industry’s finest brands and products found today. Questions about Widmer, or curious about something? Feel free to reach out to us! We would be happy to assist you!