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Reiner Inkjet stamp for electronic stamping. Reiner prints on various surfaces and e-mark in porous surface only but in full-color!

Inkjet Stamps

We offer an excellent electronic programmable marking methods, the Reiner Inkjet marking. Our selection of Reiner electronic stamp kits and stamps are available in various options to fit your needs. Reiner Inkjet Stamps are portable and print on any absorbent surface with or without contact. These high-quality Reiner electronic stamps print on flat, rigid, soft and irregular/uneven surfaces with a non-contact inkjet cartridge. Designed to be high-performing, these Reiner electronic stamp kits and stamps are both lightweight for easy transport from one location to another and sturdy construction for a long life. They are easy to use with comfort grip handles and sleek designs. Similar to a pen in some cases, the electronic stamps from Reiner we offer are perfect for marking packages, hospital records, bills, and a range of other correspondence used in business settings. They leave behind a clear, crisp impression with every use and last for years. Quick drying and completely legible, these stamps improve accuracy compared to writing it with a pen and you can rest assured your information has been received. Need help deciding which option might be your ideal stamping solution? We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these exceptional products we proudly offer. We are the exclusive source for this exciting, cost-effective and multifaceted new way to create impressions, change impressions and easily transfer them to any porous surface such as paper or cardboard.