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Available in a variety of sizes and colors, our replacement pads for self-inking stamps work for Ideal, Shiny and Trodat stamps and daters.

Replacement Pads

Self-inking stamps are a great asset for a variety of purposes. They are great for both personal projects and professional needs. When your favorite stamp starts running low on ink, we have the replacement pads for self-inking stamps you need. Using the wrong ink or ink pad replacement is an amateur mistake you want to avoid. It can lead to a damaged operational mechanism, weak or flooded impressions and lower the overall function of your otherwise high-quality stamp. With our selection of replacement pads for self-inking stamps, you will find options for the top brands of stamps to ensure you get what you need to take care of your favorite stamp the right way. Our selection of replacement pads for self-inking stamps features options for COLOP, Ideal, JustRite, Shiny and Trodat. These four powerhouses of the stamp world require the right stamp pad to ensure their products can deliver their promise of outstanding performance. We offer these replacement pads for self-inking stamps in a variety of bold colors as well as a dry pad option. Choose from black, red, blue, green, orange and other colors. They are also available in various sizes and shapes such as round, square and rectangle to accommodate a range of stamp models. We offer these high-quality ink pads for a wide range of individual models within each brand to make sure you get the ink you need. All of the ink we offer has been made from the highest standards for impressions that are crisp, clean and always legible. Not sure which ink pad you need for your model? We are here to help you find the correct ink solution. Find your perfect ink pad today with these affordable options! At Rubber Stamp Champ, we have spent the last 30 years creating custom stamps of the highest standards. We are honored to be your source for all your stamps and stamp accessories. With a large inventory of leading brands and our affordable prices, we are confident you will find everything you need. If you have any questions or concerns while shopping with us, our team would be happy to assist you in any way.

Shiny Replacement Pads
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HM-6000$8.00 HM-6001$8.00 HM-6003$8.00 HM-6005$10.00 HM-6006$10.00 HM-6007$10.00 HM-6008$12.00 HM-6009$8.00 HM-6014$15.00 HM-6015$16.00 HM-6100$8.00 HM-6100, 2-Color$12.00 HM-6101$8.00 HM-6101, 2-Color$12.00 HM-6103$8.00 HM-6103, 2-Color$12.00 HM-6105$12.00 HM-6105, 2-Color$14.00 HM-6106$10.00 HM-6106, 2-Color$14.00 HM-6108$12.00 HM-6108, 2-Color$15.00 HM-6109$8.00 HM-6109, 2-Color$12.00 HM-6114$15.00 HM-6114, 2-Color$16.00 HM-6115$16.00 HM-6115, 2-Color$17.00 H-6410DD$12.00 H-6410DD/PL$12.00 H-6404DN$11.00 H-6404DN/PL$10.00 H-6406DN$11.00 H-6406DN/PL$10.00 H-6408DN$12.00 H-6408DN/PL$12.00 H-6410DN$12.00 H-6410DN/PL$12.00 H-6412$11.00 H-6412/PL$10.00 H-6414$12.00 H-6414/PL$12.00 H-6416$12.00 H-6416/PL$12.00 H-6418$12.00 H-6418/PL$12.00 H-6440$8.00 H-6446$8.00 H-6448$11.00 H-64410$11.00 H-64410/PL$10.00 H-6510$11.00 H-6510/PL$10.00 H-6512$12.00 H-6512/PL$12.00 H-6556$11.00 H-6556/PL$10.00 H-6558$11.00 H-6558/PL$10.00 H-6770$11.00 R-512$7.00 R-517$7.00 R-524$8.00 R-532$8.00 R-532D, 2-Color$11.00 R-542$10.00 R-542D, 2-Color$12.00 R-552$11.00 R-552D, 2-Color$12.00 S-300$8.00 S-303, 2-Color$10.00 S-309$8.00 S-313$8.00 S-314$8.00 S-400$8.00 S-409$8.00 S-414$8.00 S-510$7.00 S-520$7.00 S-530, 2-Color$12.00 S-530D, 2-Color$12.00 S-542, 2-Color$12.00 S-542D, 2-Color$12.00 S-722$7.00 S-723$7.00 S-724$8.00 S-826D$8.00 S-826D, 2-Color$10.00 S-828D, 2-Color$9.00 S-829D, 2-Color$10.00 S-830D, 2-Color$11.00 S-830$10.00 S-831$8.00 S-832$8.00 S-833$8.00 S-844$9.00 S-845$9.00 S-851$7.00 S-852$7.00 S-853$8.00 S-854$8.00 S-855$9.00 S-857$10.00 rPET S-841$7.00 rPET S-842$7.00 rPET S-843$8.00 rPET S-844$8.00 rPET S-845$9.00 S-Q12$6.00 S-Q17$7.00 S-Q24$8.00 S-Q32$8.00 S-Q42$8.00
JustRite Replacement Pads
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B372 Price Marker$27.00 SID-00$27.00 SID-0$27.00 SID-1$27.00 SID-2$27.00 SID-2-1/2$32.00 SID-3$32.00 BDA 0-3$40.00 BDA 0-4$40.00 BDA 0-5$40.00 BDA 0-6$40.00 BDA 0-7$40.00 BDA 0-8$40.00 BDA 0-9$34.00 BDA 0-10$34.00 BDA 0-11$34.00 BDA 0-12$34.00 BDA 0-13$34.00 BDA 0-14$42.00 BDA 0-15$42.00 BDA 0-16$42.00 BDA 0-17$42.00 BDA 0-18$42.00 BDA 0-19$42.00 BDA 0-20$44.00 BDA 0-21$44.00 BDA 0-22$44.00 BDA 0-23$44.00 BDA 0-24$44.00 BDA 1-3$40.00 BDA 1-4$40.00 BDA 1-5$40.00 BDA 1-6$40.00 BDA 1-7$40.00 BDA 1-8$34.00 BDA 1-9$34.00 BDA 1-10$34.00 BDA 1-11$34.00 BDA 1-12$34.00 BDA 1-13$42.00 BDA 1-14$42.00 BDA 1-15$42.00 BDA 1-16$42.00 BDA 1-17$42.00 BDA 1-18$42.00 BDA 1-19$44.00 BDA 1-20$44.00 BDA 1-21$44.00 BDA 1-22$44.00 BDA 2-3$40.00 BDA 2-4$40.00 BDA 2-5$40.00 BDA 2-6$40.00 BDA 2-7$34.00 BDA 2-8$34.00 BDA 2-9$34.00 BDA 2-10$34.00 BDA 2-11$42.00 BDA 2-12$42.00 BDA 2-13$42.00 BDA 2-14$42.00 BDA 2-15$44.00 BDA 2-16$44.00 BDA 2-1/2-3$40.00 BDA 2-1/2-4$40.00 BDA 2-1/2-5$40.00 BDA 2-1/2-6$40.00 BDA 2-1/2-7$34.00 BDA 2-1/2-8$34.00 BDA 2-1/2-9$34.00 BDA 2-1/2-10$34.00 BDA 2-1/2-11$42.00 BDA 2-1/2-12$42.00 BDA 2-1/2-13$42.00 BDA 2-1/2-14$42.00 BDA 2-1/2-15$44.00 BDA 3-3$40.00 BDA 3-4$40.00 BDA 3-5$34.00 BDA 3-6$34.00 BDA 3-7$34.00 BDA 3-8$42.00 BDA 3-9$42.00 BDA 3-10$42.00 BDA 3-11$44.00 BDA 3-12$44.00 BDA 3-13$44.00 BDA 4-3$40.00 BDA 4-4$34.00 BDA 4-5$34.00 BDA 4-6$42.00 BDA 4-7$42.00 BDA 4-8$44.00 BDA 4-9$44.00 MJ 00-4$27.00 MJ 00-5$27.00 MJ 00-6$27.00 MJ 00-7$27.00 MJ 00-8$27.00 MJ 00-9$27.00 MJ 00-10$27.00 MJ 00-11$27.00 MJ 00-12$27.00 MJ 00-13$27.00 MJ 00-14$27.00 MJ 00-15$27.00 MJ 00-16$27.00 MJ 00-17$27.00 MJ 00-18$27.00 MJ 0-4$27.00 MJ 0-5$27.00 MJ 0-6$27.00 MJ 0-7$27.00 MJ 0-8$27.00 MJ 0-9$27.00 MJ 0-10$27.00 MJ 0-11$27.00 MJ 0-12$27.00 MJ 0-13$27.00 MJ 0-14$27.00 MJ 0-15$27.00 MJ 0-16$27.00 MJ 0-17$27.00 MJ 0-18$27.00 MJ 1-4$27.00 MJ 1-5$27.00 MJ 1-6$27.00 MJ 1-7$27.00 MJ 1-8$27.00 MJ 1-9$27.00 MJ 1-10$27.00 MJ 1-11$27.00 MJ 1-12$27.00 MJ 1-13$27.00 MJ 1-14$27.00 MJ 1-15$27.00 MJ 1-16$27.00 MJ 2-4$27.00 MJ 2-5$27.00 MJ 2-6$27.00 MJ 2-7$27.00 MJ 2-8$27.00 MJ 2-9$27.00 MJ 2-10$27.00 MJ 2-11$27.00 MJ 2-12$27.00 MJ 2-13$27.00 MJ 2-14$27.00 MJ 2-1/2-4$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-5$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-6$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-7$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-8$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-9$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-10$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-11$32.00 MJ 2-1/2-12$34.00 MJ 2-1/2-13$34.00 MJ 2-1/2-14$34.00 MJ 2-1/2-15$34.00 MJ 3-4$32.00 MJ 3-5$32.00 MJ 3-6$32.00 MJ 3-7$32.00 MJ 3-8$32.00 MJ 3-9$32.00 MJ 3-10$34.00 MJ 3-11$34.00 MJ 3-12$34.00 MJ 3-13$34.00
Locking Stamp Replacement Pads
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