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Lion Automatic Numbering Machines are one of the best ways to save time and energy. They allow for you to quickly communicate important information for a variety of purposes. With the use of an automatic numbering machine or stamp, you can save time and move onto the next task in your day. Make your workday better with these affordable tools! With the addition of an automatic numbering stamp, you can save time and energy when doing a variety of tasks from checking inspections to dating deliveries. These tools are easy to use and offer comfort grips for an accessory that won’t strain hands. They are lightweight for easy transport, as well as easy to push and release while stamping. In addition to their efficiency and user-friendly aspects, these stamps offer stylish sleekness with their durable metal frame making them an easy choice for your desk. Choose from an array of sizes and wheel numbers to find the perfect option for your needs today! We offer a range of Lion office products including binder clips, grip clips, jumbo paper-clips, a heavy duty hand-held tally counter and environmentally friendly reusable correction tape. We now offer a fast drying industrial ink for rubber faced numbering machines by LION. This industrial ink is available in black, red and yellow and dries in 3 seconds on porous surfaces and 5 min on non-porous surfaces. The industrial ink is solvent-based and is ideal for stamping on metal, glass, plastic, tile, leather, glossy paper and more! Our selection of automatic numbering machine pads are available for all models we carry. They should be filled using the appropriate automatic numbering machine ink. These replacement pads are specially designed for LION automatic numbering machines and should not be used in self-inking or pre-inked stamps. If you are unsure if a replacement pad is compatible with your machine, we would be happy to assist you or suggest a viable solution.
Our team at Rubber Stamp Champ is more than honored to be your go-to supplier for all your stamp-related needs. Stock up your home or office with efficient products that will make your work life easier!