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Shachihata's more affordable line, and just as popular as their Xstamper, is the ClassiX. Shop now for everything ClassiX stamps at the best prices with us.


For almost a century, Shachihata has been one of the most trusted stamping product creators on the market. Creating their breakthrough Xstamper® in 1964 that quickly became renown as the most durable rubber marker nib at that time, they soon went on to create an experimental rubber compound that changed the world of stamps for the better. This compound resulted in the world’s first cellular rubber for even more durable, pre-inked stamps that became the professional industry standard. Later, Xstamper® became the first to pioneer and develop laser manufacturing for faster, more reliable print quality. With such a rich, storied history and background as ink chemists and stamp pad manufacturers, Xstamper® brings decades of expertise to the market in every design, especially their iconic line of ClassiX stamps. In this collection, you’ll find some of the highest-quality, affordable alternatives to the equally famous Xstamper® pre-inked stamps. Featuring such favorites as ClassiX 7, 10 and 12 wheel automatic numbers machines. The ClassiX line of automatic numbering machines is created from premium materials that make a durable, sturdy body and a comfortable grip handle for both consistency and precision where you need it most. Whether you need 7 bands, 10 bands or 12 bands, each model contains several different automation modes, including repeat, duplicate and triplicate for a quick and easy experience every time. Our exclusive ClassiX Wheel Automatic Numbering Machines also come with a complimentary uninked pad and a 1 oz bottle of beautiful, bold blank ink to apply to the pad before use. Do you own one of these fantastic ClassiX stamps already? Are you; looking for accessories? We have the ClassiX stamp supplies you’re looking for! You’ll find refills for your Automatic Number Machines in black, blue or red that are oil-based (remember not to use in self-inking or pre-inked stamps). Are your ClassiX Automatic Numberer ink pads looking worn? Check out our affordable refill 3-pack to revitalize your favorite ClassiX stamp supplies. When you shop with us at Rubber Stamp Champ, you’re shopping the top destination of all things high-quality stamp related with the largest selection of the world’s most established brands. Questions? Our team is happy to assist you while shopping with us to find what you need.