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Speed up productivity and accuracy with any of our custom daters. Choose from Cosco, Shiny, Trodat and Xstamper. Orders over $45 ship free.

Custom Daters

When it comes to your business, we know how important tracking dates can be in the routines of daily business. From checking off inventories to marking expiration dates of food items, custom daters help you to stay on top of all the changing information so you never miss an important deadline or vital piece of information affecting your business. The use of custom daters lets you mark crucial information while giving you more control than standard daters. With these reliable stamps, you are always in control of this aspect of your business! We offer a diverse selection of custom daters to choose from when looking for this type of stamp. Our diverse inventory features the leading names in the stamping industry including JustRite, Shiny, Trodat and Xstamper, for impressive performance and long-lasting durability. Daters are available in a wide range of sizes from pocket stamp options perfect for inspections on the go to large, heavy-duty models with durable metal frames for high volume use. We offer these high-quality daters in options with bands lasting for up to 10 years on certain models for a purchase that will last. Choose from options with various handle types to find your perfect grip. Every option we offer has been made to offer smooth operations for thousands of impressions. In addition to our selection of daters with just the date bands, we also offer the ability to customize these stamps to showcase your choice of text such as key words of relevance like “Inspected By’, “Approved By”, and more. We can even create daters that display a company name or employee number to suit your preference. Daters feature the ability to turn various bands to create your chosen date making them an easier way to mark dates than with a pen. Unlike penmanship which differs from person to person, date stamps help improve readability for clearer communication. Add one of these to your work day today! At Rubber Stamp Champ, we are committed to being your source for all stamp related needs for the last three decades. We would be happy to assist you in any way while shopping with us!