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Butcher Stamps

Butcher Stamps

Butcher stamps, also known as meat locker stamps, are essential for identifying clearly the various cuts of meat to be sold, once those cuts are wrapped in the traditional butcher paper. We provide butcher stamps in small and large format for a variety of meat cuts, such as loin, brisket and round, and for a wide range of meat types including beef, pork, poultry, fish and a large selection also for increasingly popular types of meat such as elk, bison and wild game types. These top quality stamps are available in two distinct sizes. The small size is set in 24 pt. font with 1/4" characters and provides an impression up to 2" wide. The large versions offer a 32 pt. font, 5/16" character size and provide an impression size up to 3" wide. In either size our butcher stamps make crisp, clean, bold impressions so meat processors can clearly identify, for fresh or frozen use, cuts such as chuck, rib, shoulder, flank and more.

Excellent working tools, our meat locker butcher stamps are perfect for supermarkets, butcher shops, deep freeze lockers or storage and processing plants. These durable, easy-to-use and long lasting stamps can be ordered as either self-inking stamps, or wood mounted hand stamps for use with a separate pad, available as add-ons for the hand stamp selections.
For years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality custom made rubber stamps so you can always get the perfect tool to imprint your message quickly and easily. When it comes to choosing the best custom rubber stamp for your needs, consider the differences between self-inking and manual stamps. Self-inking stamps are a great choice for quick, simple stamping that will help you take your mind off your tools. They can be used daily and will perform for years without fail, making them perfect for ongoing use. Our self-inking butcher stamps are mounted on Trodat® bodies, the premier brand of self inking stamps, and offer thousands of impressions and easy re-inking, as needed, for thousands more and are available in black, blue, red and purple ink colors. Traditional wood mounted hand stamps require an ink pad, and we offer many options in that regard, including a wide selection of colors in StaZon® permanent ink pads. We are proud to distribute the highest quality custom rubber stamp on the market. Allow us to work with you to create the perfect stamp that will suit your needs. They will serve you well for years to come, enabling you to produce the perfect message in seconds every day.