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De-clutter your desk, reduce the time wasted digging for multiple stamps with our amazing Dial-a-Phrase stamps! Up to 12 customized phrases in one stamp! Get it now!

Dial-a-Phrase Stamps

A custom stamp can be one of the most valuable tools for a wide range of business tasks. But when you find yourself having to spend minutes or even hours, having to dig through drawers, storage, and your desk—or find your workspace cluttered with far too many stamps, it’s time to find a better solution. Presenting our fine line of Dial-a-Phrase stamps! These stamps can instantly declutter your workspace by replacing several smaller stamps in a split second. With the use of a dial, you have an effective communication tool with several customizable options to handle an almost endless assortment of stamping needs. Our Dial-a-Phrase stamps selection contains many options for different phrases, relevant instructions, marking dates or a combination of all these features. Using a dial rotation in a single stamp, you can have terms such as PAID, DUE, INSPECTED, dates, numbers and more, depending on which model you choose. We provide Dial-a-Phrase stamps that can offer up to 12 different phrases in specific models to create a truly multifunctional tool and valuable for both workspace and businesses of all sorts. Instead of 12 stamps for 12 phrases, you only need 1! Each of our Dial stamps has met our stringent standards, meaning they are constructed of excellent quality materials, making them long-lasting tools for thousands of crisp, clear impressions. We carry only today’s most trusted brands, too, like Xstamper, Shiny and more.

We have metal frame bases for heavy-duty application and lightweight plastic models for office use with comfortable grips to make stamping strain a thing of the past. With the easy-adjust bands lasting up to 10 years or more, our selection of phrases and daters will be a worthy investment as you continue to use them for years to come!

At Rubber Stamp Champ, we are honored to have been able to work in this rewarding field for over 30 years. With these three decades of experience and expertise, as well as outstanding customer service and the loyalty of our wonderful customers, we’ve become one of the top online sources for everything stamps. If you would like to know more or have questions for us, please reach out to us anytime!

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This stock dial-a-phrase dater has a date height of 5/32" and includes 12 different phrases. Re-inkable, durable and long lasting. Orders over $75 ship free!

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Includes: 12 Phrases
Date Size: No. 1, 5/32”
Year Bands: 12 yrs - 10 current yrs

This stock dial-a-phrase stamp has a character height of 5/32" & includes 12 different phrases. Re-inkable, durable & long lasting. Orders over $75 ship free!

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Includes: 12 Phrases
Character size: No. 1, 5/32”

This dial-a-phrase dater includes 12 phrases and 12 date year bands. Durable stainless steel frame and stamp is easy to refill. Orders over $75 ship free!

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Includes: 12 Phrases
Available In: 11 Ink Colors
Year Bands: 12 yrs - 10 current yrs

Stock dater with 12 phrases to choose from to stamp a phrase with the date all in one device. Available in 11 ink colors. Ships in 1-2 business days!

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Date Height: 3/16" Character Size
Includes: 12 Phrases
Year Bands: 12 yrs - 10 current yrs

The Dial-a-Phrase Shiny self-inker makes stamping efficient w/ 12 phrases in one simple stamp. Re-inkable w/ 11 colorful ink options. Ships free over $75!

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Words Approximately: 1-1/2" Wide
Incldes: 12 Phrases

Xstamper® 10-in-1 Change Phrase Stamp available in RED INK ONLY! Impression size: 3/16" x 1-1/2". Refillable. Fast & free shipping with orders $75 and over!

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Impression Size: 3/16" x 1-1/2"
Available In: Red Ink