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When browsing for stamps and stamp accessories, it is important to choose a brand you can trust. COLOP is that brand. The company COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co. KG is an independent commercial company which deals with the development, production, assembly and distribution of modern stamp and marking devices. COLOP is regarded as one of the region's flagship companies and is a global player within the industry with an export rate of nearly 98 % and more than 120 export markets supplied on a regular basis. COLOP is the ultimate stamp manufacturer. As one of the leading names in the stamp industry, they have built their reputation around innovative designs and various helpful stamp supplies, like ink replacement pads. We offer an impressive and extensive range of COLOP self-inking rubber stamps, all of which display the quality and performance expected from this widely respected brand. These one-of-a-kind designs were created to make your life easier! On certain models, we can customize up to 10 lines of text in a variety of sizes and fonts. The self-inking COLOP stamps are great for marking any document with ease; you’ll never have to worry about writing by hand again! Add any of these amazing self-inking rubber stamps to your office’s arsenal today. Additionally, the COLOP Classic® line of daters are the best choices for date stamps, whether you are working at a counter or in an office setting. Ideal for high-volume repetitive stamping, these COLOP custom daters offer a comfortable grip to avoid hand strain on long days. The standard for the COLOP Classic Line is uncompromising quality: and ergonomic design. Reliable, easy-to-use and reinkable. The COLOP daters are one the most widely purchased stamp lines in the world, and provide reliable quality and a distinguished modern design. Best of all, these stamps can be easily customized by our skilled team. Some models allow for up to 2 lines of custom text above the date making them great for a range of purposes. We offer a range of sizes to choose from. With various image areas sizes to choose from, find the option that is right for your surface stamping needs. Stamps are reinkable for a long-lasting value you will use for years to come. Need help finding the right stamp? Let us help you find the right option for your application!

In addition to self-inkers and Classic daters, COLOP also offers a complete line of replacement ink pads for all products, so you can re-ink in the wink of an eye and keep on stamping. If we were to try and outline all of the amazing COLOP stamp supplies on our website, we’d have to write a whole book! Check them out for yourself to see what all the fuss is about, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email us.