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Ultifast stamp supplies allow you to print impressions onto almost any glossy surface. Get acquainted with this state-of-the-art brand and its custom products today!


If you’re looking for a quick-dry stamp that can print on glossy materials, look no further! Ultifast stamps are carefully designed from durable materials that also provide vivid impressions. Best of all, these stamps can be customized to include almost any message! Ultifast stamps are made with the kind of quality that allows them to outperform products from the brand’s competitors. If you’ve never been introduced to our line of Ultifast stamp supplies, it’s time to get acquainted. Ultifast’s high-quality, quick-dry stamps are built to last for many years, and they are easy to re-ink with your choice of ink. The ink is water-resistant and can be used on multiple surfaces, like regular, glossy, recycled paper, newsprint, photos, glass, etc. Depending on the application surface, it dries in 10 to 45 seconds and leaves behind a crisp and clean print every time. The stamp bodies have been designed with the latest spring-action mechanics, requiring a simple push and release for smooth operation, and feature easy-to-grip handles for ease of use. This high-quality brand is known for great construction, and with our free customization services, you can create a custom rubber stamp just for you! Speaking of ink, the kind of ink that you need is unique to your stamp model. Every stamp has a certain kind of ink that works best, and using the wrong kind of ink can greatly reduce the quality and function of your stamp and impressions. We offer Ultifast ink for a few different stamp models; the Ultifast permanent refill ink is perfect for Ultifast multi-surface quick-dry stamps, and it’s available in black, red, or blue. The bottle features a twist cap that secures the ink with a promise of remaining mess-free, and unlike other bottles that don’t allow you to see how much ink is left, this bottle also allows you to see clearly how much you have with its slightly transparent body. When it comes to finding the right ink, Ultifast stamp supplies have you covered. Not sure which ink or stamp you need? We are here to help! Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.