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Show some emotion with our fun emoji rubber stamp set. It has 25 of the most popular symbols for you to add to a range of projects.

Emoji Stamps

There is no denying the indelible mark technology has left on all aspects of society. With how important our smartphones are to us nowadays, emojis have become their own unique language beloved by all generations for their easy communication and playful nature. Using our emoji rubber stamp set, you can bring the fun of these little faces to a range of projects. Perfect for crafts, arts, greeting cards and more. This emoji rubber stamp set is a fun way to add something extra to an array of situations. This set is great for teachers, students, crafters and any special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and more.

Made with high-quality wood that is smooth and polished for added appeal in appearance and comfort when stamping, these stamps also use high-quality rubber with laser engraved edges to ensure a crisp, clear imprint with every use. The set comes with a wooden box to keep them all organized so you never lose any pieces. With this fun emoji rubber stamp set, you get all your favorites in one place. Emojis such as tears of joy, heart eyes face, smiling face, pensive face, smiling face with sunglasses and more, you can add emojis to express your mood. This set has 25 of the most commonly used emojis all in one, it has never been easier to have fun with stamps. The individual stamps measure 1/2" x 1/2" x 1-1/4" which makes them great for an assortment of uses with a little touch of fun. The ink pad is sold separately, which allows you to mix and match your colors to match the needs of the project or your personal preferences. When you want a fun way to add something to cards, crafts, reports and more, this emoji rubber stamp set is the perfect way to do just that!

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