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No other brand offers the same amount of sturdiness, dependability and personalization. Shop our line of Comet stamp supplies for tons of customization options!


Comet stamp supplies, created by Cosco, make paperwork and cataloging simple. Their heavy-duty, self-inking stamps are perfect for almost any use. They are constructed of chrome-plated steel frames and feature either natural or buna vulcanized rubber bands, depending on how much stability you require. Either option will provide you with all the sturdiness and dependability you need to succeed. Comet stamps also come in multi-band number configurations, custom alphanumeric configurations, date stamping configurations and more! Comet provides the widest selection of self-inking band stamp options in the world, though other special configurations and custom band options are also available. Customize any of our Comet self-inking stamps with 11 refillable ink color options and anywhere between 4 and 12 customizable lines of text. Five of these ink colors are standard and six are premium, but you can also choose a dry pad option to ink them yourself manually. These stamps are not recommended for use on glossy surfaces. The self-inking mechanism within Comet stamps utilizes a changeable and re-inkable pad that comes in any one of our stunning, water-based ink colors. These self-inkers are perfect for using invisible, photographic, laundry, frozen food and any other specialty quick dry inks. All Comet stamps, bands and replacement pads are made in the USA, so supply yourself with products from one of the most trusted names in stamp brands today. Some of the Comet stamp supplies available to you include their Self-Inking Stamps, Stock Date Stamps, Stock Number Stamps, Custom Number Stamps, Alphanumeric Rubber Stamps, Custom Assembly Numberers, Line Daters and Replacement Pads. The Comet Replacement Pads are compatible with Comet Self-Inking, Numbering, Date Stamps and our Comet Self-Inking Line Daters will help you speed up your document organization progress. There are Comet stamp supplies for almost any need, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to help you find it.

With over 30 years of custom stamp-making experience, Rubber Stamp Champ is honored to be the source for all your stamp-related needs. Our inventory provides you with only the best quality products for the best prices. If you have any questions, our team would be happy to assist you further while shopping with us!