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The most popular heavy-duty stamp with a steel reinforced frame. Perfect when you need a rugged stamp for almost any application. Available in 11 ink colors with free shipping!

Cosco Custom Classic Daters

As a business owner, there is so much important information to communicate on a daily basis. When it comes to communicating important information regarding dates, writing it by hand is simply out of the question. With our selection of Cosco classic daters at the ready, make sure information is communicated in a way that is clear, legible and easier on you. With a stamp, you reduce the hand strain and miscommunication of writing it by hand. We offer a diverse selection of Cosco classic daters to fit your needs with ease. These affordable Cosco classic daters are made with easy to grip rounded handles and a strong frame to ensure a long-lasting stamp to reduce hand strain. With a 10-year band to give you even more versatility, each product shown here can be customized as well with up to 8 lines, depending on the model chosen. These Cosco classic daters allow you to easily track and communicate a range of important information in your business from use through freshness dates to shipping information. Made with easy to turn dials so you can change the dates without strain, each date in this collection is a high-quality choice made from a trusted brand on the market. Aside from the overall durability and smooth performance of the model, our customized messages are also worth noting. We use the latest in laser engraving techniques to ensure a crisp, clear impression with each use. You also have a choice of 11 different ink colors to get the right color for your preferences. These daters offer up to 5,000 impressions for a long-lasting addition to your daily routine. Order today and ensure accurate communication of important dates for your business! We are committed to outstanding customer service from start to finish with each order. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance on the matter at hand.