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e-mark Electronic Stamp

e-mark Electronic Stamp

The COLOP e-mark Electronic Marker is a revolutionary new hand-held electronic marking device with state-of the art full color reproduction capability at a price far less than inkjet printers. With the COLOP e-mark electronic marker, users can create or upload unlimited different images very quickly by using a mobile device, tablet or PC.  Click here to see a video of this machine in action!An easy to replace tricolor ink cartridge allows users to create and imprint full color designs and the e-mark provides date, time and both static and automatic numbering capabilities. Barcodes and QR-codes can also be generated directly in the e-mark app. We are the exclusive source for this exciting, cost-effective and multifaceted new way to create impressions, change impressions and easily transfer them to any porous surface such as paper or cardboard. The e-mark is loaded with many ready-to-use templates including address, date, stock text, numbering and more, and can easily be programmed to print an unlimited variety of custom art and text messages. We take pride in offering the best prices and fastest service on rubber stamps and marking devices in America and has earned thousands of Five Star reviews in so doing. Now individuals, businesses, government, schools, military installations and many other buyers of custom rubber stamps and marking devices can purchase this revolutionary electronic marker to design, proof, edit and print brilliant full color art and text impressions quickly and easily. The e-mark electronic marker is a perfect tool for notaries, engineers and architects, corporate identity, stock and custom message printing, monogram impressions, wedding invitations and much more. We are proud to provide the highest quality and latest stamps on the market. We are available to answer any of your questions Monday - Friday 7:30-3:30 PST via phone, email or live chat! Let us help you get the right stamp at the best price!