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Make life a little easier when you shop our extensive inventory of JustRite Self-Inking Stamps! Exceptional quality at competitive prices for all tasks and jobs.

JustRite Heavy Duty Self-Inking Stamps

Whether you're seeking the use of stamps for your business, as an employee, or someone seeking to make life a little easier, we've got an extensive inventory waiting for you! Not all stamps are created equal, so when you need quality and customizability, you'll want to browse our JustRite Plain Self-Inking stamps. These self-inking stamps feature a sturdy, all-metal frame created from premium American-made chrome materials and a robust plastic handle that's easy to grip. We offer a wide variety of sizes, 17 in all, to ensure you'll find the precise-sized self-inking stamp suitable for your needs. Our JustRite Plain Self-Inking stamps are fully customizable with text, with artwork, or text along with artwork. Customizable self-inking stamps are ideal for many things, like showcasing your brand or company logo, use on the shop floor, or create beautiful artwork. When you order with us, these well-made stamps ships within 7-10 business days once you've ordered the stamp you need. Along with all 17 sizes, you'll find we've conveniently provided five ink color options and dry pads so that you can get everything you need to get started as soon as your stamp arrives. These self-inking stamps are refillable and created to last thousands of impressions, so you can enjoy their use for a long time. Make sure to click our Customize button to load our no-nonsense customization page, where you can add artwork, and clipart, customize text through our line options and preview as you design! At Rubber Stamp Champ, when you shop with us, shop assured that you're getting brilliant quality, precision stamps that will outlast and outperform for competitive prices. Our JustRite Plain Self-Inking stamps are ideal for repetitive tasks and stamping on multiple surfaces without causing strain to your hands.

Unsure which of these stamps is perfect for you? We're here to help you! Contact us at any time by filling out our Contact Us form here on our website, email us at sales@rubberstampchamp.com or call us toll-free at 1-800-507-7826. Our expert stamp customer service team will help answer any questions and can guide you to exactly what you need.