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Peg Inspection Stamps

Peg Inspection Stamps

When it comes to inspection tools that can help save time and energy, stamps just make sense. As an easy and affordable alternative to more modern stamp models, peg stamps are reliable and provide consistent performance. They allow you to quickly and clearly communicate important information that will stay in place instead of the spoken word which can easily be forgotten. They offer a stunningly vivid impression with each use and eliminate the tediousness and hand cramps of writing the same information over and over. With our easy-to-use peg stamps, you can make your day at the office a little easier! We offer a variety of sizes in round and square peg stamps to choose from for your all your inspection needs. These peg inspection stamps come in 4" birchwood and that comes in five sizes ranging from ¼" and up to 1" in surface space to accommodate your needs and preferences. All peg stamps we offer are laser engraved with the best of precision techniques to ensure a high-quality impression for years. With our custom services, you can customize your peg stamp with your choice of text or logo at no additional charge! One of the benefits of this type of stamp, as opposed to other models, is that you can choose any ink pad you want! With your custom logo or text combined with your choice of ink, you can create the right message for your business or personal use! All stamps are mounted on high-quality wood for a secure, long-lasting fit. They can be customized with initials, message, logo or other important information. At Rubber Stamp Champ, we make it easy to customize stamps with our easy ordering process. Simply choose your stamp and send us the image or words you would like engraved. We will then get to work on creating a high-quality, one-of-a-kind stamp for your needs! Add this time-saving tool to your workday!