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Available in a variety of brands, our permanent quick dry rubber stamps work on a variety of non-porous surfaces. All styles dry in a matter of seconds.

Permanent Quick-Dry

Stamps are a great way to save time and energy. They can be used to communicate important information such as addresses, instructions, contact information and more. With our collection of permanent quick dry rubber stamps and accessories, you get the peace of mind of a stamp impression that will last for a message that is clearly communicated. We offer a wide selection of permanent quick dry rubber stamps from leading brands in the industry to give you the quality you deserve with every option. All of our permanent quick dry rubber stamps work on most non-porous surfaces including metal, glass, CD's, plastic, leather, some fabrics, glossy paper and more. These stamps last approximately 5,000 impressions and can be refilled with the appropriate ink. Choose from options designed to handle heavy duty application purpose with the sturdy frames, pocket-sized items perfect for stamping on the go, desk stamps and more to find the ideal choice. We also offer markers perfect for writing different information as opposed to a customized stamp. With these permanent quick dry rubber stamps, you get the quality of construction from the brands we offer combined with our state of the art laser engraving techniques. Every stamp will give you vivid impressions for a clearly defined image and clean image appearance. They are easy to re-ink for a stamp built to last for many years. With our free customization services, you can create a custom rubber stamp with the power of permanent ink to fit your needs perfectly! For over 30 years, Rubber Stamp Champ has been committed to being your source for all your stamping needs. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help in any way!