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Xstamper Automatic Numbering Machines

Xstamper Automatic Numbering Machines

Xstamper ClassiX Automatic Numbering Machine Stamps are one of the best ways to save time and energy. They allow for you to quickly communicate important information for a variety of purposes. With the use of an automatic numbering machine or stamp, you can save time and move onto the next task in your day. Make your workday better with these affordable tools! Our inventory features several choices for adding a high-quality automatic numbering stamp to your tools. Every option available offers superior quality for long-lasting performance capable of thousands of impressions. Every impression is clean, clear and easy to read. Xstamper ClassiX automatic numbering machine features come in 7, 8, 10 and 12-wheel configurations. They provide repeat, consecutive duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, six times and twelve time actions and offer drop ciphers, precision movements and lustrous chrome finish. A stylus is included for indexing. Pads should be re-inked with Ideal numbering machine ink only. 3/16" characters (approx. 18 pt. font). Available in black ink. With the addition of an automatic numbering stamp, you can save time and energy when doing a variety of tasks from checking inspections to dating deliveries. These tools are easy to use and offer comfort grips for an accessory that won’t strain hands. They are lightweight for easy transport, as well as easy to push and release while stamping. In addition to their efficiency and user-friendly aspects, these stamps offer stylish sleekness with their durable metal frame making them an easy choice for your desk. Choose from an array of sizes and wheel numbers to find the perfect option for your needs today! At Rubber Stamp Champ, we are proud to be your destination for all of your stamps and accessories. Ideal for both professional and personal applications, we offer a wide selection of leading brands for quality and performance you can trust. We are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding customer service experience from beginning to end. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right option, our team is ready to assist you further. Call or order online today to see the difference one of these tools can make in your day!

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