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Seal Impression Inker

Seal Impression Inker
Ink your embossed seal impressions with this compact, convenient ink pad and take advantage of increased visibility and contrast. Great for faxing and photocopying! It comes in black ink only and utilizes the raised texture of your embossed medium to ink the impression accurately. Click add to cart below.

Product Features

  • Great for faxing and photocopying
  • 1-5/8" impression diameter
  • Black ink only
  • Doubles as finger-printer
Ships in 1-2 Business Days
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Available in: Black Ink Only
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    Customer Reviews

    Average Rating
    Verified Purchase
    Exceptional Village Academy thanks you! Rubber stamp champ delivered exactly what they said they would in a swift manner. The embosser is high quality and heavy duty constructed. I couldn't be more pleased. ~Anna Thompson
    Verified Purchase
    Sturdy and compact. Easy to transport and use ~Dedra Wade
    Verified Purchase
    Awesome! They guided me through the entire process to produce a custom stamp and artwork. Professionally done, excellent skills! Will happily use their service again! ~Roland C.
    Verified Purchase
    I received the products I ordered in a timely manner. The Seal Impression Inker is not what I expected. I don't know if the issue is with my Embosser, the Impression Inker, or the combination of both. The impression on the paper is spotty. Even after trying to make sure the embosser had enough ink on it. I will most likely go with the Gold Foil Seals next time. ~Jodi A.
    Verified Purchase
    i have been searching for a seal impression that doesn't disburse a large amount of ink. happy to have found the exact seal i was looking for. ~Brittany Onsorez
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