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Shiny S-3624 24-Hour Time and Date Stamp

Shiny S-3624 24-Hr Time & Date Stamp
Few things can compare to a custom time and date stamp when it come to book-keeping and organization. Customize this 2" diameter Shiny brand time and date stamp with your own text! The outside dial sets the time in 24 hour format and the date bands can be set using wheels. The space above the date comes with four different stock phrase die plates that can be swapped out. These phrases include ENTERED, FAXED, PAID and RECEIVED. This stamp model requires a separate ink pad. Click the customize button to start designing your stamp!

Product Features

  • Requires separate ink pad
  • 4 changeable stock phrases
  • Customize text below date
  • 12 year bands
  • Non-self-inking
Ships in 1-2 Business Days
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Impression Size: 2" Diameter
Year Bands: 2022 - 2033
Time Format: 24 Hour

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