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Stone Stamp Pad Size 1

Stone Stamp Pad Size 1
Need a little clean up tool? This stamp pad can be used with solvent/acid-based industrial marking inks without destroying the pad. A constant flow of ink from the porous stone helps create high quality, non-smear impressions. Pad size is 1-1/4" diameter. Re-Inking Instructions: Remove the stone and ink the inner felt pad. Put the stone back in. Felt pad acts as the ink reservoir. Add ink to the stone surface to activate and get the surface wet. Add more ink to felt pad if necessary. Blot felt pad if over inked. If stone becomes dry, flip the stone over and ink inner felt pad. Click Add to Cart!

Note: Non-porous inks that dry fast on your parts tend also to dry fast in an ink pad, so expect to re-ink more often when using them.

Product Features

  • Pad Size: 1-1/4" Diameter
  • Used With: Solvent-Based Ink
  • Can Be Used With Any Industrial Ink
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Pad Size: 1-1/4" Diameter
Use With: Solvent-Based Ink
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