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Available in a variety of stamps and daters, COLOP replacement pads for self-inking stamps come in a variety of ink colors and sizes.


When choosing the right stamp for your needs, there are plenty of names on the market. As a leading choice for many application types, as well as standing as one of the oldest in the industry, COLOP offers high performing solutions sure to please. When you are in need of the right COLOP replacement pads for your stamp model, we have you covered with a range of options for this trusted brand. We offer a wide range of options for adding COLOP replacement pads to your collection. When it comes to ink, the matter of color is important. We offer a range of colors such as black, red, green, and blue to help you make the most of your stamp with ease. In fact, most pads come in a wide variety of different colors to give you even more versatility for your favorite tool. These inks are high-quality solutions placed directly in the pad for a mess-free option perfect for your favorite COLOP self-inking stamps. As water-based inks for porous surfaces, these inks can be used in a range of ways on various paper surfaces. Since each model has its own specifications in terms of size and type, we offer a wide range of models when shopping for COLOP replacement pads. We have options for all their most common stamps, as well as the harder to find stamps for added convenience. When shopping our selection of COLOP replacement pads, simply find your model series and find the corresponding solution for re-inking. We offer fast shipping and affordable prices to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. Order today and get back to stamping in no time. We are committed to delivering a great customer service experience from start to finish. If you have any questions while shopping our selections, please let our team know and they will gladly assist you further.

COLOP replacement pads, now you can reink, quick as a wink!

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