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With Xstamper Xtensions number and alphabet sets, get what you need to make a statement. They are made of sturdy metal and can be used on various surfaces.


When it comes to saving time and energy, stamps are a great asset perfect for a variety of tasks. They are an easy and affordable way to communicate information in a clear manner without repeatedly writing it by hand. When looking for a tool to add to your arsenal, our collection of Xstamper Xtensions number and alphabet sets allows you to quickly and effectively communicate necessary information. These tools are great for a range of applications and tasks in various professions. Need to stamp information onto a harder surface than paper? These tools offer applications on both glossy and non-glossy surfaces with ease. We offer several options to choose from for Xstamper Xtensions numbers and alphabet sets. When choosing products for your business, it is essential to choose brands you can trust. One of the leading names in the industry, Xstamper makes stamps and stamping accessories of exceptional quality. These Xstamper Xtensions numbers and alphabet sets are made of durable materials with thoughtful designs for an option that is durable while still being lightweight. These high-quality Xstamper Xtensions numbers and alphabet sets are a convenient and adaptable marking method ideal for a range of purposes. They offer vivid impressions and are adaptable to create your chosen message. In addition to the stunning results, they are incredibly easy to use. Simply connect pieces vertically or horizontally to create the information you need. They are available in 3 different font sizes to accommodate a range of needs. Choose from 13, 19, and 33-point sized font. Great for hard to reach locations, these Xstamper Xtensions are compatible with Artline® Hi-Seal Stamp Pads or any of our quick dry stamp pads and inks. All of the kits we offer feature 159 pieces. Each kit includes multiple extenders for each symbol. They include the entire alphabet and numbers 0-9, as well as important punctuation for a clean, professional imprint. At Rubber Stamp Champ, we have spent the last two decades creating high-quality custom stamps. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you while shopping with us! Xstamper Xtensions Number and Alphabet Sets

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An adaptable marking solution that you can connect alpha or numeric pieces vertically or horizontally to create a unique message. Use with separate stamp pad.

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Kit Includes: 159 pieces, Roman Alpha/Numeric Set
Font Size: 13 pt.

This 159 piece set includes letters and numbers in roman font that can be connected vertically or horizontally to create a message. Use with separate ink pad.

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Kit Includes: 159 pieces, Roman Alpha/Numeric Set
Font Size: 19 pt.

This set of 159 pieces includes letters, numbers and symbols in a roman font that can be connected to create a custom message. Ships free in 1-2 business days.

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Kit Includes: 159 pieces, Roman Alpha/Numeric Set
Font Size: 33 pt.