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E-Mark Information
How to Replace the E-Mark Cartridge
For replacing a cartridge, remove the top cover and battery. Please ensure to open the bottom latch before pulling out the cartridge. Only when it is open, the cartridge can be removed. Remove film from new cartridge and insert it into your e-mark electronic stamp until it snaps into place. Close the bottom latch, reassemble the battery and top cover and then press the ON switch to configure the new cartridge automatically. Each cartridge last approximately 5,000 full-color imprints and can be purchased exclusively through our website! Please watch the video “How to Change a Cartridge” below for further details and a full demonstration. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you with any inquiries!

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E-Mark In Action
How to Use the E-Mark Electric Stamp
To initially setup your NEW e-mark device and start using it please follow the steps included in your packaging. After having assembled the e-mark according to the Quick Setup Guide, you can download the App for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play Store or App Store or connect your device to your PC with the included USB cord. Please follow the installation guide in the App, which includes connecting to your e-mark for the first time via Wi-Fi (mobile devices) or USB interface (PCs). For first installations only set up the Wi-Fi connection through the App and not through the Wi-Fi settings of your device!
ATTENTION: for Android devices the mobile data (internet) needs to be turned off in order to be able to connect to your e-mark!
The access data of your e-mark (SSID and password) is printed on the Quick Setup Guide. In addition, an imprint is saved on the e-mark when receiving it in its initial state, which includes the SSID and password. When switching the e-mark on and making the first imprint, you will see this information. Please follow the instruction in the user manual or watch the video demonstration below for setup details.
Charging Your E-Mark for Initial Use
The e-mark is charged between 20% and 30% when switching on for the first time (given that the contacts of the battery are still covered with the battery pull tab). It should be possible to turn it on and make the first few imprints. During the first initialization, it might be necessary and is recommended to charge the e-mark in full. However, the e-mark can also be used during charging. In case, you cannot turn on the e-mark, connect it to the mains and continue the installation.

The battery lasts up to five hours when marking continually and much longer under normal usage circumstances - several days up to a week when used occasionally. The battery is charged within 2.75 hours from 0 to 100%. Nevertheless, it is recommended to put the e-mark immediately after every imprint back into the docking station, which can be connected to the power plug at the same time.
Note: The e-mark can only be charged through the power adapter that comes with the e-mark. The USB-interface cannot be used for charging the e-mark.
Maintenance For E-Mark Machine
How to Clean a E-Mark and the Printer Head
Whenever your imprint quality is not satisfactory anymore, it is recommended to clean your print head. This can be done with a damp lint-free piece of cloth. The plastic parts of the e-mark (the docking station, bottom side of the e-mark or the cover) can be easily cleaned with a moistened cloth (pure water without cleaning agent!). If you are using the app, there is a button for manual cleaning of the nozzles if needed.
In order to ensure a steady imprint quality, we recommend that the e-mark be used regularly. If you have not used your e-mark for a while, make sure you clean the print head and recharge the battery. Please note that the e-mark print head cleans itself automatically every time it is taken out from the docking station. Please follow the instruction in the user manual or watch the video demonstration.
The imprint quality is decreasing/not satisfactory, what can I do?
The quality of the imprint depends on several different aspects. Most of the problems can be put down to the cartridge. Either the print head is (slightly) dried out, the cartridge is (almost) empty or not inserted rightly. If imprint quality is decreasing, please consider the following points:
  • Always put the e-mark in the docking station immediately after usage to avoid drying out of print head
  • Cleaning the print head by wiping over it with a damp cloth
  • Cleaning the plastic parts on the bottom of the e-mark (around the print head)
  • Pull out cartridge and re-insert it
  • Ensure a proper surface to print on (e.g. sheet of paper on hard underground, no rippled surfaces)
  • Try to move as straight as possible over the surface
If you are experiencing any of the following, please try the suggestions.
The E-Mark App
The COLOP e-mark app works in combination with the COLOP e-marking device. For operating the e-mark with your smartphone or tablet, download the free app and make customized imprints immediately from anywhere! The app is available for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play Store or App Store. Please follow the installation guide in the App, which includes connecting to the e-mark device via a Wi-Fi connection. You will need the SSID and password for setup which can be located on the Quick Setup Guide and is saved as an imprint in the e-mark when you initially receive it.