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Re-Inking Comet Self-Inkers

Step 1: Lock Stamp
Lock stamp
Press the stamp down completely and insert the swing lock into the stamp frame. This should completely lock the stamp in place.
Step 2: Push Pad Out
Push pad out
With the stamp still in the locked position, press outward on the metal lip protruding from the back of the stamp pad to push the pad out of the housing.
Step 3: Remove Pad
Remove pad
Slide the pad completely out of the machine.
Step 4: Apply Ink
Apply ink
Place the pad over a piece of scrap paper with the felt side facing up. Place approximately 25 drops of ink across the center of the pad.
Step 5: Spread Ink
Spread ink
Use the tip of the ink bottle to spread out the ink over the center of the pad’s felt material and allow a few minutes for the ink to settle in.
Step 6: Reinsert Pad
Reinsert pad
Carefully re-install the pad (avoid touching the wet spots on the felt side) into the housing and make sure the pad is snapped firmly back into place.
Step 7: Release Lock
Release lock
Remove the swing lock from the frame to allow the stamp’s assembly to rotate completely back to the pad.
All Done!
All done!
Your stamp is now inked and ready for use.