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When you deal with numbers for hours a day, save yourself costly mistakes and hand cramps with our JustRite Alphanumeric Stamps! Browse top quality stamps here.

JustRite Alphanumeric Stamps

Alphanumeric stamps are one of the best products designed to make hand-written, repetitive information a thing of the past. When you deal with numbers for hours daily, why not save yourself costly mistakes and the hassle or frustration of hand cramps? JustRite Alphanumeric Stamps are the perfect solution. We're excited to be able to offer our customers both Stock and Custom Band Stamps created by JustRite, a brand trusted for exceptional quality. With an all-metal design created from premium materials, the JustRite Alphanumeric Stamps are made for high-stress environments while remaining durable for years. Regarding these unique alphanumeric stamps, you can choose between self-inking and non-self-inking; determine if you would like the Buna Rubber Upgrade and the JustRite Rapid Ink Add-On. Don't worry; the Buna rubber upgrade isn't required when using the JustRite Rapid Ink Add-On, but consider this excellent addition due to its super-fast drying properties! With the JustRite Alphanumeric Self-Inking versions, each self-inker contains precision needle felt pads for special or aggressive stamp inks. We're happy to announce we provide five different ink color options or dry pads for use with these fantastic stamps. JustRite Alphanumeric Stamps provide nearly endless band combinations to meet and exceed a wide range of your needs, and when it comes to saving time, effort, and your wrists, they're a worthy investment! Easy-to-rotate dials allow you to adjust numbers and letters effortlessly and come with character sizes of 1/16" up to ¾."

When you shop with us at Rubber Stamp Champ, browse easily and confidently that you'll always find the best stamps at some of the best online prices! With over 30 years of quality service and excellent products, we can assist in finding you the specific product you need. Do you have any questions about this product or any of our products? Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. You can call us toll-free at 1-800-507-7826 or email us at any time at sales@rubberstampchamp.com or use our convenient Contact Us form available on the website.

We're honored to become your top source for everything stamps, helping individuals, artists, businesses, and employees around the country by making everyday tasks easier and quicker than ever.

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View Sizes & Bands
View Sizes & Bands
Character Height: 7/16" (approx. 48pt.) Choose # of Bands ⏷